Welcome to FormaliSE!

FormaliSE 2020 will be held virtually, with a mix of asynchronous and synchronous events.

All paper presentations will be asynchronous, i.e. all authors will record a video of their presentation and upload it to Youtube using a private (unlisted) link. These links will be collected and distributed  to registered attendees.

Registered attendees will be invited to watch the videos between June 29 and July 12 (notice that ICSE will be held in the week of July 6) and to ask questions through sli.do and/or Slack.

On July 13, we will have two synchronous "live" sessions hosted on Zoom:

1) 07:00-09:00 UTC with a keynote by Shahar Maoz 
2) 15:00-17:00 UTC with a keynote by Corina Pasareanu 

(see <https://www.utctime.net> for the conversion to your time zone)

After each keynote, there will be some time for a live interaction between attendees and authors of accepted papers, who will be able to answer and discuss the questions asked on sli.do/Slack.